Sankyo Alto Flute, Cruved Silver Head

The ALTO FLUTE has a rich moist tone that can profoundly move any listener. SANKYO's ALTO has earned sterling praise for its unparalleled elongation in the lower registers and magnificent sound. It adds depth of sound to flute ensembles and can project a mellow, warm and immpressive sound in solo performances. The Curved Model has the curved head joint that decreases the reach by making the distance between the mouthpiece and the key mechanism smaller. This balance the weight and brings the sound closer to the ear of the player. With French style pointed arms. Specifications: 4 : Complete silver clad alto flute with sterling lip plate. 5 : Complete silver clad alto flute with sterling head joint. 6 : Sterling body with silver clad mechanism

PRICE: $7,995.00

Available in Montreal